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3D Printed Valves Coming in Aid to Save Lives of Coronavirus Patients

valves built with portable 3-D printers are saving the lives of coronavirus patients at a hospital located in Italy’s Ground Zero for the deadly viral infection.

3D Printed Valves Coming in Aid to Save Lives of Coronavirus Patients

When the founder of Issanova, a startup 3-D printing agency with a staff of 14 learned that a local hospital was working short of critical respiratory devices used to help patients affected by the deadly COVID-19, he sprang into action. He consulted with a fellow engineering expert and the two raced to the desperate hospital stationed in the small town of Chiari. They evaluated the medical device, referred to as a Venturi valve.

On Saturday, after a number of hours drafting blueprints for the gadget, they started producing the first of 100 Venturi valves on a 3-D printer that may immediately be shipped to the hospital to help save lives.

At the moment, Italy is suffering from the virus over any other nation on the planet, with 2,158 confirmed deaths and 27,980 positive cases with the virus as of March 16. On Sunday alone, 368 new deaths had been reported.

The hospital’s valve supplier would not launch blueprints of the device, so Fracassi turned to fellow engineer Alessandro Romaioli and the two examined the units and reverse-engineered the design within hours. They rushed the first items to the hospital on the same day. At one point, they brought 3-D printers to the hospital to accelerate the delivery of the crucial valves.

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