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About Us

It was the year of the first plasma flat screen TV, the first PlayStation, and the first iPod. Our owners, Donald, and George, who were and still are best buddies since the first day of the university, met one fine afternoon to know each other’s’ whereabouts. While talking, they both realized they were not meant to work at back-ends of corporates. It was an impulsive decision of George to start Flint Reviewer. THEN IT HIT OFF!

Started from a small computer screen, now Flint Reviewer operates in large office premises, with a dedicated team comprising of educated engineers, awarded reporters and excellent reviewers. We are nothing without our crew. We stand among the top twenty in the tech category.

Having our office in the heart of the Michigan – Flint – we are looking forward to expanding operations worldwide. Technology is a vast subject. To ease it a bit for our readers, we at Flint Reviewer, categorize our news into four sections, namely, Games, Hardware, Smartphones, and Other Tech. Games, as the name suggests, is a dedicated column for Video games related information. It is our most-read column among all. In Smartphones, you will seek everything from unbiased reviews to essential news updates related smartphones such as launch, new mobile applications, giants competing with each other, camera quality, cellphone displays, etc. Hardware mainly comprises of computer hardware and laptops related tales. Last but not least, i.e., Other Tech – has information about devices and gadgets varying from Earphones to VR devices.


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