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ACCC Claims Samsung’s Phones Aren’t As Waterproof As They Promoted

An Australian government watchdog company is taking Samsung to court over claims that the corporate’s Galaxy phones are protected to take in the water.

In 2016 Samsung launched its first IP68 water-resistant phone, the Galaxy S7. The entire electronics big’s flagship phones have since carried the IP68 certification for water resistance and have been marketed as water-friendly phones. The Australian Competition and Client Commission (ACCC) says this amounts to false advertising.

There are two key parts to the Australian Competition and Client Commission’s problem with Samsung. First, Samsung’s promoting indicated that submerging a Galaxy phone beneath 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) of water for a half-hour or less would not influence the device over the course of its lifetime. Second, Samsung marketed phones being used in seashores and pools, though the IP68 certification solely applies to freshwater.  ACCC reviewed over 300 Samsung advertisements as the basis for its claims, it stated.

IP68 licensed phones are technically water-resistant, not waterproof, and specifically for depths as much as 1.5 meters and for a half-hour or beneath. IP67 phones, like 2014’s Galaxy S5, are resistant for a half-hour or less for depths of 1 meter or less, however, ACCC specifically referred to phones marketed from 2016 on.

The ACCC claims that Samsung has rebuffed warranty claims by clients who say their phones have been broken by water exposure. The watchdog additionally notes that Samsung’s personal website claims the Galaxy S10, its early-2019 flagship phone, is “not suggested for beach or pool use.”  For its half, Samsung says it has noted ACCC’s accusations and plans to defend itself in court.

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