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Alienware Co-Founder Frank Azor, Leaves Dell, Likely to Take New Position At AMD

Frank Azor, the co-founder of both Alienware and the long-time manager of Dell’s gaming and XPS unit, has announced that he’s departing his current place on July 3rd. Having been with Alienware from its inception 21 years ago, Azor declared he’s taking on a brand new challenge with a message of thanks on the Alienware community board.

A leading tech journal has caught wind of Azor’s likely destination, with its source showing that he’s set to become AMD’s first chief gaming officer, reporting to Sandeep Chennakeshu, who’s the recently appointed vice chairman in command of the computing and graphics business group at AMD. When asked for comment by The Azor declined to elaborate on his exit message and didn’t want to confirm or deny the reports about his next challenge.

“The builder and creator in me are prepared for the next venture,” learn Azor’s message to Alienware followers. In October 2018, he revealed that Dell’s gaming business was worth $3 billion, comfortably outpacing any other gaming hardware makers. That looks like an appropriate time to search for new alternatives, and AMD is an organization on an upward trajectory. This year, it has decorated its gaming credentials by securing the business of offering chips for the next Xbox and PlayStation in addition to Google’s Stadia. Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro may also depend on Radeon graphics cards.

Chief gaming officer isn’t a particularly common (or critical, for that matter) title, however, given Azor’s built seniority as a frontrunner at Dell, it speaks to his likely influence inside AMD as well as the significance of gaming to that company’s long-term business. Perhaps, as he did with Alienware, Azor will be a guide for the professional discipline of CGO, and others will comply with his wake.

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