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Amazons Patents Its Delivery Drones

Amazon’s delivery drones will not be yet dropping off packages; however, the firm is already expecting how else that is perhaps used — including by providing “surveillance as a service.” Amazon was recently granted a patent that defines how its UAVs could regulate customers’ property between deliveries while supposedly maintaining their privacy.

The patent was initially registered in June 2015 and have become public earlier this month. It describes how the corporate’s drones may very well be employed to look out for open garage doors, damaged windows, graffiti, or even a fire, before alerting the proprietor of the property.

Drones have long been used for surveillance, significantly by the army; however, firms are now starting to discover how they might be used for home security. Nonetheless, it’s uncommon to hear about surveillance being accomplished by delivery drones, that are nevertheless of their infancy.

While Alphabet’s Wing has been granted FAA approval to make deliveries in the US, Amazon’s new drone, revealed earlier this month, has not. Amazon says it hopes to introduce a business service “in a matter of months.”

The patent offers a few hints on how the surveillance service may work. It says prospects would be allowed to pay for visits on an hourly, daily, or weekly manner, and that drones could be geared up with night vision cameras and microphones to broaden their sensing capabilities.

It’s possible that this service won’t ever see the sunshine of day. Amazon has patented some pretty eccentric drone technologies DURING the years that have never made it to market; including a floating airship that might act as a garage for delivery drones, a parachute shipping label, and a system that allows a drone understands when you call out or wave at it.

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