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Apple Can Save 60% On CPU Component Costs After Integrating ARM in Mac: Kuo

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had foretold that the first ARM Mac will hit the market through the fourth quarter of this year.  Kuo also says that even more Macs will shift to ARM in 2021 and beyond, along with personal computers, with Apple adopting an advance processor-replacement strategy”.

Apple Can Save 60% On CPU Component Costs After Integrating ARM in Mac: Kuo

Presumably, Apple will begin with a lower-end laptop computer type issue and slowly work its approach up the road. Kuo says that changing Intel with ARM CPUs of Apple’s personal design will carry important cost savings in addition to the anticipated efficiency and battery life.

Kuo predicts that the price Apple pays for the CPU would slump by 40-60% by switching away from Intel. These savings are necessary for Apple to maintain low costs on its laptops.

Nonetheless, there may be some further costs Apple has to bear, which partially offset that saving. For example, Apple presently depends on the built-in USB controller in the Intel chipset. Kuo says Apple will now need to source that controller from other producers and believes a producer called ASMedia would be the sole USB controller supplier for Apple’s ARM Macs.

For 2020 and 2021, Apple would proceed to assist current USB 3.1 speeds. From 2022 onwards, ASMedia would provide next-era USB4 controllers for even faster I/O throughput.

In the long run, Kuo expects the appeal of Apple’s ARM-based, mostly computers, to trigger its sales to extend substantially. Apple ships about 20 million Macs yearly.

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