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Apple Donates Millions of N95 Masks to Health Professionals across US and Europe

In a press briefing, Vice President of the U.S. Mike Pence declared that Apple is donating 2 million masks. Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed on Twitter that it’s helping to source supplies to support Europe and United States healthcare systems.

Apple Donates Millions of N95 Masks to Health Professionals across US and Europe

In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the US healthcare system requires resources for patients and resources for medical doctors. Masks are one such resource which are in short supply.

This week, new legislation was signed that makes it much simpler for corporations to make industrial masks without concern of liability. It seems Apple is joining the drive.

The U.S. healthcare system is forecast to need as much as 3.5 billion masks, relying on how dangerous the coronavirus pandemic turns into.

Following the change in legislation, many firms have committed to donate and produce N95 masks to help make up the scarcity of resources.

Apple’s initiative to help supply supplies is its newest contribution to improving the battle against COVID-19. On March 13, Apple stated it had pledged $15 million in donations to help treat the sick and lessen the economic impacts of the crisis.

Tim Cook tweeted two days ago that Apple is making a considerable donation to Protezione Civile in Italy, “along with medical supplies”.

Apple Stores outdoors of China are currently chuttered until further notice to contain the spread of the COVID-19.

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