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Coronavirus Has No Impact Sony PS5 Launch, but Supply to be Limited at Start

Sony isn’t considering postponing the PlayStation 5 launch planned for this holiday season; however, there’ll likely be fewer machines available than there were for the PS4 back in 2013. Sony is said to be planning for shipments of five to six million items by means of the tip of March subsequent yr, whereas it bought 7.5 million PS4 consoles in its equivalent launch interval even with a delayed rollout plan in Japan.

Coronavirus Has No Impact Sony PS5 Launch, but Supply to be Limited at Start

The reason has less to do with the COVID-19 pandemic and more to do with what Sony expects for the machine in terms of demand. The PS5 is seen as a more technically robust machine than its predecessor, and as such, is likely to command a higher value on its release date, leading to fewer early adopters.

While the PS4 rolled out at $399 without incurring heavy losses for Sony, one analyst said he thinks that the PS5 and Xbox Series X might arrive at $450 even as loss-leaders.

PS5 mass production is reportedly beginning in June on schedule. That suggests that an unveiling for the console box itself — the design of which continues to be a closely-guarded secret regardless of Sony having revealed the PS5’s specs and its controller — can’t be too far off.

Once the system goes into manufacturing, it will be very tough to contain leaks; the controller declaration is said to have come sooner because developers already had access to it.

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