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Epic Launches Fortnite on Google Play Store but Not Happy With it

Epic Games is finally settling its dispute —  kind of — with Google and putting Fortnite onto the Google Play Store; however, the studio sounds pretty pissed about it.

Epic Launches Fortnite on Google Play Store but Not Happy With it

When Fortnite launched on mobile two years ago, Epic Games sidestepped the Google Play Store and pushed customers to download the title directly from their website, an effort made to keep away from the substantial revenue cuts that Google takes from in-app purchases of Play Store downloads.

At the time, the shift was understandable for Epic, which was sitting on the hottest free-to-play game of the year that was pulling in substantial revenues from in-app purchases.

After 18 months of harsh rhetoric regarding platform gatekeeping, Epic Games says that Fortnite is now available for download on the Google Play Store, although it’ll still be downloadable from moving forward.

Epic Games withholding Fortnite from the Play Store was a really clear threat to Google’s app earnings, although Google argued that downloading Android software outside of the Play Store presented a clear safety menace to users who might unknowingly obtain malware from less respected websites.

Epic Games isn’t pleased with the roadblocks Google has put up to dissuade users from downloading software programs from the web as well as the blanket warnings Android delivers regardless of whether or not the publisher is considered a trusted one.

For now, it seems Google has maintained the higher hand, though Epic Games isn’t satisfied with their dealings with Google.

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