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Fan Project Does not Stop despite Resident Evil 4 HD Release Date

The long-in-improvement Resident Evil 4 HD Venture is, as the name implies, a whole remake of the original game in the purest sense: it does not aim to elaborate on the original, it needs to make it prettier. Still, with rumors afoot that Capcom is making its own Resident Evil 4 remake, the standing of the project may moderately be called into question.

Fan Project Does not Stop despite Resident Evil 4 HD Release Date

However, in a new blog post, the group behind the undertaking ensures that work will continue on the HD Project, whether Capcom’s remake materializes or not. “Right now, it’s just a rumor; however, I don’t really care if it’s completed or not,” the update reads. “Capcom’s newest remakes are way totally different from the unique versions. The original recreation will nonetheless be distinctive and worthy of a remastered version.”

It is true enough: both Resident Evil 2 Remake and, to a greater extent, Resident Evil three Remake, deviated from the originals. As for the fan-led HD project, it is available to obtain already, although the currently available construct dates again to June 2018. Updates are still rolling out, principally in the form of graphical improvements.

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