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First Testing Of VR Therapy For Serious Mental Health

The first large-scale trial of virtual reality therapy for serious psychological health conditions has been launched in the U.K. Healthtech startup Oxford VR has teamed up with game Change, a £4 million project funded by U.K. National Institute of Health Research, to test the technology and advance its roll out throughout the National Health Service (NHS).

An analysis team led by Daniel Freeman, professor of psychology at the University of Oxford, will analyze the effectiveness of the technology and produce a commissioning case for VR remedy for use by the NHS nationwide. Different partners include Oxford University, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, The McPin Foundation, The Royal College of Art, NIHR, MindTech, and several other NHS mental health trusts.

Barnaby Perks, cofounding CEO of Oxford VR, stated the project aims to establish VR Remedy as a new remedy paradigm for complex and dear serious mental health conditions resembling psychosis.  Oxford VR is focusing on its remedy at individuals recognized with psychosis, a situation that impacts a person’s ideas, feelings, and behaviors. It’s estimated that the NHS cares for more than 200,000 psychosis sufferers, which accounts for 30% of NHS and social care spending.

Its technology allows people to experience situations they find hectic in a safe area and transfer their learning to the real world. The treatment is automated, with a virtual coach guiding patients by different VR situations and helping them practice techniques to overcome their difficulties. A lot of mental health sufferers have already trialed the tech, one of whom is Peter. Due to the delicacy of the matter, he wished to stay nameless.

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