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Game Downloads Hampered Due to Rise in Web Traffic

For the billions confined to their homes throughout the global effort to plank the curve, gaming is a welcome escape. But it’s additionally a bandwidth-heavy one, and Microsoft,  Sony and others are working to ensure that hundreds of thousands of individuals downloading enormous video games don’t suck up all of the bandwidth.

Game Downloads Hampered Due to Rise in Web Traffic

A blog post by content delivery community Akamai defined just a few issues it’s doing to assist in mitigating the tidal wave of visitors that the web’s infrastructure is experiencing. Although streaming video is undoubtedly a significant contributor, video games are a huge burden on the community.

Akamai is working with leading distributors of software, notably for the gaming sector, including Microsoft and Sony,  to help manage congestion during peak usage durations. This is very important for gaming software downloads, which account for large amounts of web visitors when an update is released.

The latest “Call of Duty: Warzone” battle royale game, launched last week for free, is already witnessing great engagement. The game is of 80-gigabyte download, which is equivalent to dozens of movies on Netflix.

As a result, gaming downloads shall be hampered for the foreseeable future, at least in some markets. “Players may experience considerably slower or delayed game downloads,” wrote Sony  Interactive Entertainment chief executive Jim Ryan in a brief blog post.

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