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Companies Postpone Android 10 Updates On Smartphones Due to Coronavirus

The effects of the global epidemic of the deadly strain of the Coronavirus, (COVID-19), are being witnessed far and wide. The global aviation system has virtually ground to a halt with flights between numerous countries and continents being graded to the lower percentages.

Companies Postpone Android 10 Updates On Smartphones Due to Coronavirus

This, alongside the necessary precautions in place against crowded places, grounds for the spread of the contagious pandemic that COVID-19 has turned out to be, has seen lots of conferences and major shows called off. In February, it claimed the epicenter of the mobile product release platform, the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC).

All of this, given the pandemic’s epicenter in China, has also had hostile effects on the release schedules for most products since numerous hardware production takes place there.

Not only there have been of updates for units like Xiaomi’s Mi A3 being delayed further and blamed on the spread of the coronavirus, a champion of the quick updates movement, HMD Global, has been forced to postpone its own update plans for several gadgets that were scheduled to get their Android 10 updates over the first two quarters of 2020.

In response to the company’s Chief Product Officer (CPO), Juho Sarvikas, updates for all the units that had yet to get Android 10 have been pushed back by a few weeks.

As per the rescheduled timeline, only the Nokia 2.2, among those that hadn’t been updated; however, had been slated to receive updates this first quarter of the year, will be doing so.

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