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Huawei Receives Over $1.4 Billion in Licensing Since 2015

Huawei mentioned it has gained over $1.4 billion in licensing revenue since 2015 and paid over $6 billion in royalties to legally implement the intellectual property of different corporations.

The Chinese tech giant has by no means been asked by a court to pay intellectual infringement losses and has been granted 87,805 patents of which 11,152 are U.S. patents, Huawei’s chief legal officer, Song Liuping, mentioned at an information convention at the firm’s Shenzhen headquarters on Thursday.

Huawei, which has the most 5G standard-essential patents on the planet per consultancy IPlytics, is increasingly on the offensive in intellectual property right arguments.

The USA has put Huawei on an export blacklist citing national safety issues, barring U.S. suppliers from promoting to the world’s largest telecommunications gear maker and No.2 smartphone maker, without particular approval.

The agency, which has rejected its merchandise poses a safety threat, has sought to combat back in U.S. courts.

The corporate recently sued the U.S. authorities over its defense regulation, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), that imposed a broad ban on the usage of federal money to buy merchandise from Huawei on national security fronts.

It has further demanded that U.S. service provider Verizon pay commissioning charges for over 230 of the telecoms gear maker’s patents and is seeking over $1 billion.

Experts have said Huawei may be extra inclined to monetize its U.S. patents now that the market ban and supplier ban slapped by Washington is predicted to cost the company $30 billion in income per year.

Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei mentioned at a press event earlier in June that Huawei “wouldn’t weaponize” it patents, but further pointed out that the agency does have many “unclaimed patent royalties from different firms.”

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