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Microsoft Patents Use of Brain Signals as PoW To Mine Cryptocurrency

Microsoft has lodged a patent application that details the usage of subconscious ideas as a proof-of-work concept with the intention of mining cryptocurrency.

Microsoft Patents Use of Brain Signals as PoW To Mine Cryptocurrency

The idea makes use of body information, including brain waves, body temperature, blood pressure, movement, organ activity, pulse, eye movement and far more. These data factors are then paired with the task a person is doing and then used as a proof-of-work (PoW) element. This data could be distinctive for each individual, forming essentially a digital fingerprint and the unique information required for PoW.

It’s an interesting idea, for sure. In essence, the patent particulars a technology where a user allows Microsoft to record virtually all his/her body’s responses while he/she passively, to quote the patent, “view advertisements or use specific web services.” That data is then utilized to produce cryptocurrency, and before the user knows it he/she is making money by watching adverts. It sounds like those adverts that boast that try to persuade people that they can make $40,000/month from home without doing anything.

However, it sounds like a good deal, particularly considering that not long ago, people had been buying plenty of hardware, building complicated systems and racking up expensive energy payments to mine for cryptocurrency. Microsoft’s method would only require an investment for sensory devices and time.

Though Microsoft’s patent applications show a possible way to make earning cash and crypto mining easier, it is hard to ignore the dystopian future vibes.

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