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Microsoft to Launch Only One Next-Gen Xbox, Not Two

Microsoft unveiled its next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett console on stage at E3 earlier in June; however, many had been anticipating two console devices to be launched. Rumors before intended that Microsoft was engaged on a pair of new units: one codenamed Anaconda that will be luxurious, and one other codenamed Lockhart that would be the more reasonably priced option. Microsoft is now focused on a top-notch Xbox console, under the broader Project Scarlett effort.

While Xbox chair Phil Spencer revealed the firm was “deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles,” at E3 2018, plans have modified as Project Scarlett was talked about as a single console this year. Scarlett would come with both a top-notch console, and a “cloud console” with limited numbers of native compute “for particular tasks like controller input, image processing, and importantly, collision detection.” Windows Central also previously claimed that a less expensive Xbox One S-style console, codenamed Lockhart, would appear in holiday 2020.

Spencer directed the use of “consoles” in a recent interview. “In 2018 we said consoles, and we’ve delivered a console, and we’ve now described another console. I believe that’s plural,” says Spencer. “Right now, we’re focused on Project Scarlett and what we put on stage.”

Sources conversant in Microsoft’s plans say that the plans for Lockhart have been scrapped, because of developer concerns and a bigger deal with xCloud. While Microsoft might launch a necessary box to access xCloud sooner or later, the main focus is a single Project Scarlett console for launch in holiday 2020 along with Halo Infinite.

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