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Modern Xbox One Controller Integrated With Phone Mount & Bluetooth Support

Project x-Cloud, Microsoft’s forthcoming endeavor into game-streaming, covers the way for on-the-go Xbox gaming. With modern Xbox One controllers packing combined Bluetooth assist, a devoted phone mount takes your handy companion past the living room. Whether or not for mobile gaming at present or looming Project xCloud trials, the Jovitec Xbox One Foldable Controller Clip is an inexpensive essential for 2019.

Changing any existing X-box One controller into your portable gaming companion, the Jovitec X-box One Foldable Controller Clip delivers an inexpensive phone mounting solution. Its clip-on design is simple to connect (and detach) from official gamepads and is paired with an adjustable slider that maintains an agency grip on your phone.

Whereas this all-plastic black mount pushes solely the bare necessities, a firm wrap-around clamp guarantees sturdy grip in your controller. An accompanying spring-actuated slider additionally changes phones of all sizes, with dual rubberized pads for added security. It promotes surprisingly high build quality for the price too, including a pliant hinge system supporting the weight of heftier devices. Its solely basic flaw is disappointing hinge flexibility, limiting display angles away from the pictured 45-degree deployment.

Jovitec accommodates an extensive lineup of phones, attributed to its adjustable slider mechanism. Whereas starting at 2 inches if closed, the tray supports units measuring as much as 3.5 inches horizontally, together with most plus-measurement phones available on the market. And whereas Android already touts Bluetooth controller compatibility for gaming, the Jovitec may also be amongst the first iPhone-supported controllers later in 2019 via iOS 13.

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