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Mount & Blade 2:Bannerlord Receiving Hotfix Every day Since Launch

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord released last week after years of development to significant acclaim from its fan base. Since Bannerlord has received a hotfix every day to smooth over damaged systems and copious crashes, if the launch-day patch is included, developers TaleWorlds have released seven updates in seven days.

Mount & Blade 2:Bannerlord Receiving Hotfix Every day Since Launch

Despite releasing into Early Access after a generally arduous wait, Bannerlord has sparked a fire in series lovers and currently has an 85% “Very Positive” consumer rating on Steam. That excitement has helped Mount & Blade 2 turn into Steam’s largest launch this year—bigger than big-budget AAA titles like Doom Eternal.

Mount & Blade 2’s eight-year development cycle, along with a full reboot of development a while in 2014, has become something of a meme to gamers poking fun at TaleWorlds taking so long solely to release into Early Access.

These gamers may appear vindicated by the discharge. Regardless of the patches, key bugs and efficiency points have continued to plague it. Many gamers report the sport turning into successfully unplayable because of a single faction rapidly taking up your complete world. Others have reported constant crashes and reminiscence leaks.

A pathfinding drawback additionally plagues sieges—items will pile up outdoors or simply contained in the gates and wait to be slaughtered. Some siege battles are decreased to a slideshow by a separate pathfinding bug. I’ve skilled each siege bugs firsthand.

TaleWorlds stated the sport can be unfinished and have incomplete, and they didn’t lie—they even overtly tempered expectations with a weblog put up specifying precisely what was and was not within the sport earlier than it launched.

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