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Pokémon Makers Today Launch Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for IOS and Android in US

Pokémon Go inventor Niantic Labs’ newest augmented reality games based on the Harry Potter universe is out there now for both iOS and Android in the US, a day before experts expected it would launch in the region. The game, named Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, is alike in style to Pokémon Go, asking players to cross a virtual map overlaid on the real world and gather magical artifacts.

Initially, Niantic and its partner Portkey Video games, the brand new division of Warner Bros. Video games devoted to the J.K. Rowling franchise, said the title would be available on Friday, June 21st in the US and the UK as a part of the start of its rollout. It’s no unclear if it is also available in the UK; however, US customers should have no problem downloading it from App Store and Play Store.

Wizards Unite first rolled out in beta in Australia and New Zealand in May, making those markets the first on this planet to get access to the title. Now, it seems Potter followers stateside can get their hands on the game a day before.

The launch is not all that unexpected, as cellular video games tend to be driven out on a rolling basis and arrive in spaces at several times of day over the course of what usually ends up being a multiday launch occasion. Pokémon Go was launched in the summer of 2016. So while June 21st may have been pegged as the official international rollout, the US is getting it early likely via some mix of luck and lucky app backend logistics.

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