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Qualcomm’s QCC514X and QCC304X Chips Provide High-end Features for Lower-cost Earbuds

The QCC514X and the QCC304X will support Qualcomm’s True Wireless Mirroring expertise, meaning wireless connectivity is secured with a single earbud that’s paired with another. When the person removes the primary earbud, the other mirroring bud takes over the connection without any interruption.

Qualcomm’s QCC514X and QCC304X Chips Provide High-end Features for Lower-cost Earbuds

The units may also support active noise cancelation, or noise cancellation, bringing the favored feature often discovered on high-finish items to mid-priced and entry-level buds. Qualcomm says its hybrid ANC feature permits for ambient noise leak-by that allows substantial; however, not whole exterior noise suppression. That makes it simpler for users to communicate with others whereas wearing the buds or to more easily hear car horns or alarms.

Battery life will be improved as well. Qualcomm’s methods on a chip (SoC) will present as much as 13 hours of playback on earbud techniques using a 65mAh battery, even with hybrid ANC all the time on. Qualcomm notes that improved battery functionality allowed them to scale back the battery size and weight.

The chips supply voice assistant support; however, the two models deal with it differently. The QCC514X, like premium manufacturers Apple AirPods and Beats by Dre, may have steady wake-word listening enabled. Users can also say “Hey Google” or “Alexa” to initiate a voice command.

The QCC304X, nevertheless, needs a button press to activate such instructions.

The chips are designed in order that a pair of buds show up like a single device occupying one tackle on Bluetooth devices.

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