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Researchers Find iPhone E-mail Security Vulnerability

Apple will fix a newly discovered iPhone vulnerability that safety researchers say hackers have already used to steal data from their victims’ units.

Researchers Find iPhone E-mail Security Vulnerability

News of the glitch dropped Wednesday by security agency ZecOps. Zuk Avraham, the company’s chief executive, stated the agency found the bug last year throughout a routine investigation. At least six groups were targeted by attackers as far back as 2018, he stated.

Avraham stated the bug is in the iPhone’s default Mail app. By sending a specifically crafted email to the sufferer’s device, an attacker can overrun the device’s memory, allowing the attacker to remotely run malicious code to steal data from the gadget, he stated.

Worse, the bug doesn’t need any user interplay on the newest model of iOS 13, stated Avraham.

The bug dates back to iOS 6, which was first released in 2012. Avraham later confirmed in a tweet that macOS, which additionally comes with an in-built Mail app, is not susceptible.

iPhone glitches are some of the dearest bugs for hackers because they’re so difficult to search out. Some buyers will snap up this highly sought-after bug for as much as $1 million. However, because these more sophisticated glitches are so invaluable, they are sometimes ever obtained by well-resourced threat actors, such as governments.

These exploits are sometimes used against their targets, reminiscent of criminals or terrorists, in highly precise operations. However, some governments are also known to target certain ethnic groups, activists and journalists.

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