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Sony’s New Foldable Smartphone Project

While we look forward to folding phones from Samsung and Huawei to go on sale, Sony is seemingly working on some flexible display tech of its own – but in this case, we’re talking a few rollable phones rather than a foldable one.

Tipster Max J from All About Samsung says that he has real intel about ideals being served in Sony. Note that we are talking prototypes here, so the small print may change before a full consumer launch.

Considering the shortage of strong evidence to back up these claims, we would not bet your home on them simply but. They’re, however, an intriguing hint about where Sony and the rest of the business may head next.

We have previously seen patents from Sony detailing how rollable (and foldable) phone screens might work. We additionally know that LG – tipped to be supplying Sony with versatile screens – has the experience to make shows that roll-up.

In the news that the likes of LG and Samsung are apparently busy creating rollable smartphones of their own, and this new rumor a few Sony device starts to sound much more credible. A few months ago we heard that Sony is prepping a 5G-capable, clamshell-style folding Xperia phone ready for launch in 2020, so next year might be fairly the year for innovative Sony products.

In the meantime, it is the IFA 2019 expo in Berlin in September, a present where Sony often has a strong presence. We would hear more about technology there.

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