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Twitter Launching Own Stories Feature Called Fleet

Twitter is testing its model of Stories. The company declared today it will start the trial of a new sharing format named “Fleets,” debuting in Brazil, which will let customers post ephemeral content to its social network for the first time. In contrast to Tweets, Twitter’s new Fleets can’t obtain Likes, Replies or Retweets.

Fleets aren’t non-public. They’re just a little less accessible. Users may go to someone’s public Twitter profile and tap to view their Fleets even if they don’t follow them. However, their Fleet won’t appear Twitter’s network, show up in Moments, and it can’t be shared on an external website.

Twitter is one of the last social networks to test Stories format. Started by Snapchat, now it’s available across all the other platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and others. Spotify also recently introduced a test of a Stories-like feature, and even Microsoft’s Skype gave it a go at one time.

In Twitter’s case, Fleets are meant to address one of many primary reasons why users don’t tweet: they really feel uncomfortable with Twitter’s public nature. On this front, Twitter stated at CES in January, it will quickly test new controls for determining the viewers for your Tweets — like public, followers only, and others. However, these tests haven’t yet started.

In Brazil, testers will see circular profile icons at the top of their Timeline on Twitter’s cellular app. This will be instantly recognizable as a Stories feature. Customers will simply click on the “+” button to create their Fleet.

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