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Vodafone Foundation Urge Smartphone Users to Support Corona-AI Project

The Vodafone Foundation has joined hands with scientists at Imperial College London to launch a Corona-AI research project utilizing DreamLab.

Vodafone Foundation Urge Smartphone Users to Support Corona-AI Project

The two main stakeholders have urged smartphone users all through the U.K. to support the Corona-AI project in speeding up COVID-19 research.

Smartphone customers can do this by downloading the DreamLab app and activate it every evening before charging their telephones and going to sleep.

Collectively, this will build a digital supercomputer that can process thousands of calculations. Scientists at Imperial School London have predicted that 100,000 DreamLab users powering the app for six hours every evening for three months would complete phase one of the analysis.

The Corona-AI venture has two phases; phase one will be targeted on drug and food-based molecule discovery, while part two will contain combining medicine and molecule candidates to coin therapies and provide nutritional advice.

Helen Lamprell, trustee and panel member of the Vodafone Foundation, further stated: “We’re working hard to keep the U.K. bound during this challenging time. We ask everyone to come together and use the collective power of their smartphones by connecting to DreamLab.

DreamLab was founded back in 2017 by the Vodafone Foundation to facilitate cancer analysis.

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