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Wasteland 3 to Launch Beta Version Testing on March 17

Wasteland 3 was a substantial crowdfunding success, and those who supported it will be surprised later this month as inXile launches beta testing for the game.

Wasteland 3 to Launch Beta Version Testing on March 17

Launching the beta on the game’s Fig page, inXile has stated the beta will begin on March 17 at for all those who financed the game for $25 or more. Those in the alpha test held in August 2019 will not have to redeem a new key, while everybody else will be receiving their Steam code for it soon.

The check will contain the first few hours of Wasteland 3, which incorporates character creation and plenty of new areas. Users must expect to see plenty of it when it launches, as there will be no NDA on the testing. Users will be allowed to stream, record and share their gameplay as much as they like.

InXile is eager to remind gamers that this is a beta test and that any of the content seen is subject to change. There are going to be vulnerabilities abound, and the game has yet to be optimized, so it could be pretty choppy to play. To combat this, there will probably be a reporting tool in-game to let testers identify and report on any of the technical glitches they may encounter.

It hasn’t been declared when this beta testing period will end. Nevertheless, the game itself is slated to launch on May 19, which means those who did not get into this phase of testing won’t have to wait long before being able to play the whole thing.

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